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Explore Your Artistic Journey
at D&R Sewing Center

Welcome to our vibrant and inspiring sewing machine classroom, where creativity knows no bounds. Unleash your potential and embark on a journey of artistic growth through our captivating classes. Join a thriving community of like-minded individuals with a passion for sewing, quilting, and embroidery. Here's what you can expect from our classes:

  • Learning beyond the instructor:  Gain insights and knowledge from fellow attendees, fostering a collaborative and enriching environment.
  • Friendship and Creativity:  Forge lasting friendships while witnessing your creations come to life in the company of others who share your enthusiasm.
  • Diverse Skill Levels:  Our classes cater to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced techniques, ensuring everyone feels at home.
  • Nurturing Environment:  Our nurturing atmosphere encourages creativity and exploration, empowering you to push your creative boundaries.

Unleash Your Creative Potential with Sewing and Embroidery

What You'll Gain from Our Classes:

  • Masterful Techniques:  Learn essential sewing techniques from expert instructors, refining your skills and building a strong foundation for your creative endeavors.
  • Precision in Quilting:  Discover the art of quilting with precision and perfection, producing stunning patterns and intricate designs that showcase your talent.
  • Embroidery Elegance:  Unleash the power of embroidery and add intricate embellishments to your projects, transforming them into works of art.
  • Pattern Customization:  Personalize patterns and designs to create unique pieces that reflect your style and imagination.
  • Project Versatility:  Dive into diverse projects, from fashion-forward garments to beautiful home décor, expanding your sewing repertoire.
  • Professional Finishing:  Learn the secrets of professional finishing touches that elevate your creations to a polished and refined level.
At D&R Sewing Center, we offer an array of skill-enhancing sessions that cater to various interests and proficiency levels. Join us as we explore the exciting world of sewing, quilting, and embroidery together.

- Donna Bryant, Owner

D&R Sewing Center classroom and showroom

Ignite Your Creativity, Join Our Community Today!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to grow your skills and explore the limitless possibilities of sewing, quilting, and embroidery. Embrace the camaraderie of like-minded enthusiasts and embark on a creative journey like no other. Discover your artistic potential and create masterpieces that inspire and delight. Reserve your spot in our upcoming classes and witness your creativity soar to new heights. Let's sew, quilt, and embroider our way to extraordinary artistic achievements together!

Upcoming Classes


Private and Semi-Private Sewing Classes
- Jul 17, 2024 10:00 am

Four progressive 5-week classes designed as a beginner or refresher course Please call Instructor to schedule date, time and cost

- Aug 01, 2024 12:00 pm

Instruction tailored to the ScanNCut User.

- Aug 14, 2024 09:30 am

Create beautiful doilies with your embroidery machine. Please sign-up and pay Instructor

Cost: $ FREE
Florida Rope Bowl
- Sep 14, 2024 09:30 am

Craft your own Rope Bowl Learn to make an oval bowl with a bead accent. Class cost $50.00 pay b4 class time sign up here

Cost: $ FREE

Sew Class Registration and Policies

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding of our class policies. We look forward to providing you with an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience at D&R Sewing Center.

- Donna Bryant, Owner

Registration and Payment: To secure your spot in the class, full payment of the class fee is required at the time of registration. You can conveniently register either in person at our store or by phone. Please note that class fees are non-refundable, except in cases where the class is canceled. If you need to cancel your attendance, we offer a store credit that you can use for a future class. However, please be aware that no refund will be issued for "no-shows."

Supplies: The class fee does not include supplies. Upon completing registration, you will receive a supply list. To ensure smooth class progress, we recommend purchasing your supplies in advance, preferably from D&R Sewing Center. Due to copyright laws, we are unable to make photocopies of patterns or books.

Ironing Stations: We have dedicated ironing stations available for your convenience during the class. However, you are welcome to bring your own personal travel iron and mat if you prefer.

Machine and Setup: Please bring your sewing machine of choice in good working order to the class. To maximize class time, we kindly request that you arrive 10-15 minutes early to set up. For a conducive learning environment, we ask that you refrain from bringing children or non-registered guests to the class due to limited space in the classroom.

Considerate Environment: As a courtesy to those with allergies or sensitivity to strong scents, please refrain from using perfume or scented products during the class.

Mrs Kathy's Basic Scan N Cut Class
held today 3/8/2024

Floriani Extravaganza Event 2023 - Event Highlights in Photos

Experience the highlights of the Floriani Extravaganza Event we held in October 2023. Through our photo gallery explore the world of embroidery and the joy of learning new software with fellow sewists.